Our buckwheat products are natural and ecological. The pillowcase is made of 100% cotton, and is filled with buckwheat hulls. That's why you can change and discard of your old pillow, mattress or neck roll without harming the habitat.

Because of many adventages, buckwheat hull is much better filling than polyester or silicon, even better then feathers. Buckwheat pillows and neck rolls, instrad of antyallergic features | are also orthopedic, because the filling fits to your indiwidual shape of head and neck.

Features of buckwheat hulls:

  • buckwheat hull has irregular, triangular shape. Because of that it guarantees adequate air circulation and maintains flexibility of the filling
  • good air circulation prevents sweating and moisture accumulation
  • doesn't conduct heat, and doesn't heat like the traditional filling
  • thermodynamic properties quarantee constant temperature of buckwheat hulls irrespective of surroundings - take cool from the room coldness in summer and take heat from the heated room in winter
  • thermodynamic properties let us use buckwheat products as cold compress (after freezing in freezer) or warm compress (after heating in microwave)
  • emits healthy negative ions of electromagnetic radioation, which neutralize harmful radioation emitted by electrical equipment
  • is very solid, it's properties improves with the passage of time. It's because hulls polish each other during brushing.

Composition of buckwheat hulls:

  • tannins - prevent development of the mites, Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria. Because of that, the buckwheat products are recommended for people with allergy, asthma, skin diseases
  • rutin - natural compounds improving the immune system
  • cellulose and lignosulfite compounds - maintain the low moisture level, which is important especially in preventing bedosres. They also have a good impact on bones and joints and helps with rheumatism.

Buckwheat products are becoming more often recommended by doctors to decimate hip, spine, head and neck sore.

So, the buckwheat products are:

  • antyallergic
  • analgesic
  • relaxing muscles
  • rehabilitation
  • anti sweating
  • adequate to all season
  • neutralizing harmful radiation.

Care and cleaning

Care and cleaning of buckwheat products are very simple. Tehy don't require any special treating.

Empty pillowcase can be washed in washing machine. Buchwheat hulls don't require any cleaning. Because they don't contains any nutrients, no bacteria or mites can grow there up. Besides, they are free of dust and don't absorb it to inside. That's why these products are friendly for people with allergy.

In order to refresh, the filling can be once a month frozen in freezer or exposed to sunlight. It is enough to det rid of the eventual mites. These simple treatments will allow the longest exploatation of the buckwheat products.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Our products are filled fith the buckwheat hulls, not with the whole buckwheat. The experiments in USA and Canada didn't reveal didn't show allergens inside the buchwheat hulls. Production of buckwheat hulls should be carried out with exploitations of the highest technology to prevent destruction of the buchkwheat hulls and care of purity.

Buckwheat hulls is antiallergic, safe for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies.

Buckwheat products are filled with the best quality hulls, which are 99% free of dust, so don't foster developments of the mites.

Buckwheat hulls don't have any nutrients so any mites or bacteria can grow up in them.