The mattress filled with the buckwheat hulls is a perfect alternative for traditional latex mattresses. It doesn't absorbe dust so it's a great products for allergics. Between hulls there is some free space, which makes the mattress breathable and anti sweating. And prevents pressure bedsores.

Advantages of the buckwheat mattress:

  • tube construction provides good air circulation,
  • is anti sweating
  • well insulates from the ground,
  • provides stable spine support during sleeping,
  • prevents pressure bedsores,
  • may be lied on the floor or the traditional mattress,
  • it's antiallergic because doesn't absorbe dust,
  • with Vitamins counteracts the skin deseases,
  • it's 100% natural and ecological
  • the sleep is deeper, more restful and better quality, because more comfortable
  • smells nice,
  • buckwheat hulls have pyramid shape, that provides good air cyrculation. That prevents from sweating,
  • is warm in winter and cool in summer, providing the maximal comfort of sleeping,
  • have a zipper, so that filling can be easily added or replaced to the new one.

Buckwheat mattress is recommended especially for:

  • ill people
  • bedtidden ( with degeneration of the spine, rheumatism, etc.)
  • people with headaches, migraine
  • hard working, tired people
  • people stressed and with depression.