Neck rolls

Neck rolls are interesting alternative for traditional pillows. In many cultures, especially asian, are used for sleeping and aproved for their unique properties.

Because they are formed and compact, perfectly support the neck in natural and the most physiological position. They gently conform to your neck, and let it slight subsidence in the most comfortable way. It prevents the neck and back pain, expecially for people, who sleep mostly sleep on their side. At the beginning, sleeping on the neck roll may seem uncomfortable, but after a few days your spine gets used to the other kind of comfort of the sleep. Finally, this will help to get rid of every king of back pain.

How to choose the right size

There are many different sizes of the neck rolls available on the market. It's worth to think what size will be the best just for you.

At first, you should pay your attention to the width - it should be wide enough to provide the support for your neck even if you turn from side to side during your sleep. The best method to find your best width is to measure your shoulders lenght and choose the neck roll with similar dimensions.

If it's about the right diameter - people tall or with long neck should choose the neck rolls with larger diameter. They will better fill the distance between shoulders and head and will be the more comfortable. Short people should rather choose smaller diameters. It will guarantee that during sleeping buckwheat hulls will move inside properly.