Buckwheat pillow fits to your individual shape of head and neck, and because of that is even better than orthopedic ones (supports the spine in a correct position). That's why it also helps to get rid of neck strain and improves the quality of your sleep.

This is an ecological way to have a healthy and deep sleep at night. Buckwheat hulls, because of their pyramid shape guarantee a gentle massage during the sleep. It's also very elastic so that perfectly takes form of your head and neck, even better that traditional ortopedic pillows. Between husks there is some free space, which makes the pillow breathable and anti sweating.

Advantages of the buckwheat pillow:

  • it's antiallergic because doesn't absorbe dust
  • guarantees a gentle massage of your neck and head that helps to get rid of stress
  • with Vitamins counteracts the skin deseases
  • supports the spine in a correct position
  • it's 100% natural and ecological
  • prevents headaches, neck and back pain, sleep disorders
  • the sleep is deeper, more restful and better quality, because more comfortable
  • protects the spine from scoliosis
  • buckwheat hulls have pyramid shape, that provides good air cyrculation. That prevents from sweating
  • smells nice
  • is warm in winter and cool in summer, providing the maximal comfort of sleeping
  • have a velcro or zipper, so that filling can be easily added or removed or refreshed
  • doesn't require any special treatment: pillowcase is washable, buckwheat hulls can be refreshed by freezing or exposing to sunlight or replaced to the new one.

Our buckwheat hull pillows are made of polish buckwheat husk from ecological region of lubelskie. Because of that we can provide you a high quality product. The cotton pillow has a velcro so that you can easily replace or refresh the buckwheat husk. It doesn't have a pillowcase, so you can use your favourite one.

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