Seat cushions

The pillow is filled with the buckwheat hulls. Because of their properties, seating is more comfortable. Independent cells of hulls provide the best weight distribution and prevent pressure sores. It's an ecological way to get healthy and comfortable seating at your home, workplace or in a car. Buckwheat hulls, because of their pyramid shape guarantee a gentle massage during the seating. Between husks there is some free space, which makes the pillow breathable and anti sweating.

Adventages of the buckwheat seat sushion:

  • makes seating more comfortale
  • helps in dealing with hemorrhoids and tailbone pain
  • guarantees gentle massage during seating
  • prevents pressure sores
  • may be used at home, workplace or in the car
  • is 100% ecological and natural
  • smells nice
  • buckwheat hulls have pyramid shape and because of that provide good air circulation
  • is warm in winter and cool in summer, providing the maximal comfort of seating.

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