Zafu & zabuton

Zafu is a round seat cushion often used in meditation. It makes the cross-legged sitting more stable. Because of the pillow, the hunkers are gently raised and knees are naturally leaned on the floor. This provides the proper for meditation position.

Zafu can also be used just for sitting on the floor. Buckwheat hull, because of its properties is an excellent isolation from cool ground. It perfectly matches to body shape, and becaouse of that makes the sitting more comfortable and doesn't cause any pain.

Zabuton is a japaneese mat used to sitting on the floor. It's also used in meditation because provides proper lean for knees and wrinkles, which are touching the ground while sitting on zafu. Because it's filled with buckwheat hulls is inflexible and helps to maintain balance.


  • Zabuton mat is filled with 2,7kg of buckwheat hulls
  • zafu cushion is filled with 3kg of buckwheat hulls
  • tube construction of mat provides good air circulation
  • is anti sweating
  • well insulates from the ground
  • provides stable spine support during sitting
  • prevents pressure bedsores
  • have a zipper, so that filling can be easily added or replaced to the new one
  • made of 100% cotton and filled with pure, filtered buckwheat hulls.

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